Most original. Great! Most original is even better than great for there are many great musicians but being most original... is very, very, very difficult. I have never listened to anything like this and I have heard a lot. loved listening the music of José Luis Gutiérrez.

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José Luis Gutiérrez - Gouvy Jazz Festival 2012 Bélgica

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Lucrecia & José Luis Gutiérrez

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This is, without any doubt, the most original projects on stage in the whole history of jazz San Javier.
Sebastián Mondéjar “Toma Jazz”.

The performance of the Iberian quartet earned the complete support of an audience standing on their feet. Our emotions swung from laughter to tears, happiness… we felt like shouting “oles” at will and like meditating almost at the same time. This is how versatile José Luis Gutiérrez band’s music is.
Jean-Claude Vantroyen “Le Soir”

The audience gave an enthusiastic applause for all these great musicians who offered a marvelous, original concert. Wonderful two hours!
Andrés Garrido. “Opinar”

Master of saxophone. José Luis Gutiérrez is one of the most original and innovative artists in the Spanish scene. His performance radiated freshness, originality, devotion and simplicity in two ways: as a person, close to the people, and as an interpreter, making the very complex seem natural and easy.
La Opinión de Murcia

José Luis Gutiérrez’s ability to put together everything he finds on his way in a coherent and personal speech is really amazing. His music mesmerizes those who listen to it.
José María García Martínez. EL PAÍS

The real surprise of the night was the saxophonist José Luis Gutiérrez’s quartet. Iberian colors, surprising instruments, combining serious and dramatic with extrovert moments. His talent and his great stage presence happened to be a stunning surprise.
Jazzahead, Bremen, Alemania

A lesson of humanity. José Luis Gutiérrez is a philosopher. Furthermore: José Luis Gutiérrez is a poet. He cries when he laughs and he laughs when he cries. And with his silence he raises a temple.
Sebastián Mondéjar “Toma Jazz”.

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